I work with people who feel called to serve the world, helping them share their story in a way that touches hearts.
Parables Of Change takes cohorts of nine people through the narrows.

Our ancestors used stories to pass on the collected wisdom of the human tribe. Stories helped us to find our place in a shifting universe, and learn to how to live well together.

Today, most stories capture our attention, shape our desires, and sell us things. We are wired to trust these stories, even though they no longer nourish life. David's work is to help us take our stories back.
On Telling Stories
On The Role
Of The Storyteller

David Alder is an artist and storyteller focused on movements of healing and the edge of culture change. David is the author of We Will Call It Pala, a parable that remains one of the most read stories in the psychedelic movement.

David helps changemakers tell their story as a public speaking coach and through the story creation cohorts in an offering called Parables Of Change.
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